About Us


Who are we?


We are a small team located in Gilbert, Arizona that is dedicated to providing our customers with the best customized manufacturing service available.

Starting out with experience in supply chain and business and program management, we took an interest in manufacturing and custom design. With 3D printing technology growing, we decided to jump in and find out what it was all about! Our interest in this technology drove us to investigate and understand exactly just how it all works. We now have a specialized knowledge of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing and design – and we want to use that to assist in manufacturing your creations!
We’ve printed thousands of parts and also helped design products from scratch! Let us help you!



At our core, we are creators


We scoured the web to find some of the best, most reliable machines that produce amazing quality prints. While researching 3D printing and the various machines that are available, we encountered the Prusa printers. These machines are incredible!

Of course, there are plenty of printers out there that you can get for a low price. That price, however, more often than not reflects the quality of the printer and the prints!

We’ve decided to use these great machines, and at nearly $1,000 per, we’re invested in your parts!



Amazing quality prototypes without traditional lead times

Stereolithography (SLA) printing can produce incredibly accurate parts with layers sizes down to about 50 microns! For those of you that might be unversed in these measurements – 50 microns is typically smaller than the thickness of a human hair!

We’ve decided to use the Form Labs 2 machines for our SLA prints. These printers have continually topped the charts in terms of performance and quality.

With our time invested in learning SLA technology, we’re confident we can partner with you and meet all your SLA printing needs!